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Organic Green Kale, Bunch
Organic Brussels Sprouts, Pound
Organic Russet Potatoes, Pound
Organic Grape Tomatoes, Pint
Organic White Onions, Pound
Organic Green Leaf Lettuce, Head
Organic Yellow Banana, Pound
Organic Roma Tomatoes, Pound
Organic Green Cabbage, Head
Organic Red Onions, Pound
Organic Cauliflower, Each
Organic Baby Spinach, 0.5 lb
Organic Gold Pineapple, Each
Organic Bartlett Pears, Pound
Organic Purple Yams, Pound
Organic Yellow Bell Peppers, Pound
Organic Sweetie Apples - Local, Pound
Organic Baby Bok Choy, Pound
Organic Acorn Squash, Each (Avg 1 lb)
Organic Jalapeno Chili Peppers, Pound
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