Organic Prairie, Organic Whole Young Turkey Hen With Giblets

Organic Prairie, Organic Whole Young Turkey Hen With Giblets

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About the Product

Organic Prairie comes from a cooperative of independent organic family farmers--guardians of the earth who protect the soil, water, plants and animals through loving stewardship.

Our Mission: To provide delicious, premium quality organic meat that is traceable right back to the family farm. Our organic beef, pork, and poultry are produced in harmony with nature under strict organic standards. No antibiotics, synthetic hormones* or pesticides are ever used. Our animals are cared for humanely, with compassion. They are raised exclusively on organic vegetarian feed, with access to plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

A Partnership: Citizens and Family Farmers: Thank you for choosing Organic Prairie. Together, we are taking important steps in preserving the land for the children of generations to come, and ensuring an abundance of conscientiously produced delicious food.

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